Life Members

Life membership is the highest honour our club can bestow on a member and as such, it not awarded lightly.

Year Member   Year Member
2012 Joan Pratt 1993 Joy Rollason
2012 Sue Moreland 1991 Val Taylor
2012 Don Hamilton 1987 Beth Rigg
2007 Chris Wishart 1986 Noel Beanland
2007 Carole Hamilton 1986 Marie McBurney
2001 Dianne Phillips 1985 Colin Taylor
1999 John Rolfe 1979 Norm Sanderson
1998 Mal McDonald 1977 Graham Hayes


Nominations are considered byt the committee annually – if received.  If you believe a particular member should be nominated for such an award, please send your recommendation to stating the name of the member and the reasons for your recommendation.