Our Facilities


We have six synthetic clay courts, all of which are flood lit most of which are only 2 years old.
The most recent courts were supplied by Aste who did a fantastic job.  The following video gives you an idea of the process involved in laying these courts:

Court Hire

Court and clubhouse hire is subject to availability.
These are the following court hire charges for members and visitors who attend with members:

Day:     No Charge
Night:   $8.00 per court, per hour

Visitors who attend with a member:
Day:    $8.00 per court, per hour
Night:  $10.00 per court, per hour


tennisJust like your own home, there are lots of small, and sometimes large, things that go wrong.  You, as a member of the club, can help with the maintenance.  Some of these things are:  attending working bees, not leaving drink bottles and rubbish on the courts, pulling out weeds you find growing on the courts, picking up a handful of leaves from the courts when you see them (and of course putting them in the bin), hanging up the court brooms after you have used them, leaving the drag mats flat on the ground after use, reporting any issues that require attention on the notice board in the clubhouse, etc.

The courts do not normally require bagging between sets.  However, they DO require bagging at the end of your play session.  This is extremely important for the longevity of the courts.

If there are issues that require urgent attention, please contact our Maintenance Convenor – maintenance@hprtc.org.au