Junior Competition

General Information

HPRTC junior completion is run through Eastern Region Tennis (ERT). We have a strong number of juniors with ages of 8 to 17 and a big mix of skills and experience.  Eastern Region offer a wide variety of tennis competitions for Juniors in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne  on Saturday (8:30am start), boys and girls combinations in either Doubles or Single/Doubles formats.

Teams are selected at the discretion of the Junior Selection Committee. Each team requires a parent to be  a team manager to be a contact person for the team. Should no parent be willing to take on this role for a particular team, that team will be withdrawn prior to the start of the season.   Parents will also need to commit to a rotating roster for manning the canteen when playing at home.  There are plenty of old hands to help you on your first couple of time and it is usually good fun.

Juniors must be financial members of the club to play in this competition.

Contact Information

Junior Convenor: Darren Arnold
junior@hprtc.org.au or 0414 439 813

Assistant Junior Convenor: Kylie Mitchell
ajc@hprtc.org.au or 0414 468 884

President: Shaun Mitchell
president@hprtc.org.au or 0418 531 421

Club Phone Number: (03) 9729 0973

Other key information for juniors and their parents/guardians: