Commitment to Play


Players should understand that:

  • This is club tennis, rather than social or tournament tennis and the intention is to make new friends at the club and enjoy tennis.
  • The selection of teams is not practical if players make it conditional that they play with friends. Whilst we will make every endeavour to accommodate preferences, consideration has to be given to similar standard of ability.
  • Committing to play, means committing to a team, so any second thoughts once a team is created may lead to that team being withdrawn if players have a change of heart. As this is a team sport, this means innocent players miss out.
  • If they think a friend may be playing and if this is important, they should check that is the case and not assume.
  • If there is any information about playing ability that you would like the convenors to know and not guess, please make sure you write it down on the application form.