Team Selections


The Process

Selecting teams for competition can often be a contentious process but shouldn’t be.  There are some guiding principles that the selection committee uses when selecting teams.  These guidelines are applied in the following order:

  1. Skill, age and ability
  2. Team availability
  3. Friendship groups
  4. Personal requests

For more information on these principles and playing in this competition – see Commitment to Play

It is important to be aware that the association that governs this competition uses player statistics to determine its recommendation for the level that each player should be at.  There is some flexibility in this but the aim is to have competitive tennis for your player and their competitors throughout the season. The ranking is based on singles games won and lost and the average playing position.  This information is available to the Junior Selection Committee and is made available to the teams during team selection and halfway through the season for review.

A grading day is typically held 4 to 5 weeks before the teams need to be submitted to ERT for review and confirmation. This is a fun day where the juniors pop down with their parents to the courts. For those who have played before we review the current ranking as provided by ERT and the reviews playing technique. Parents get a chance to meet with other parents to discuss rostering and car pooling if required.

Junior players are considerably more robust that us parents give them credit for and while many players have a preference with whom they would like to play with, most children adapt very well to the team they join.  It is important as parents and guardians that we encourage our children to have new experiences and meet new members of the club.

Junior Selection Committee

The junior selection committee is generally made up of the Junior Convenor, Assistant Junior Convenor and the coaches.

At HE Parker, we have recently split the Junior Convenor role into two parts to reduce the load on any given parent.  We have one parent who does the saturday morning duties of opening the club and organising play on the day.  The other parent (normally the assistant convenor) is doing much of the paperwork, particularly at team selection time.

If you are passionate about your child’s tennis or would simply like to help out, please enquire about the convenor roles or assisting on the selection committee by sending an email to