Junior tennis meeting (23 April)

All parents and junior players are cordially invited to a Junior Convenor’s meeting on 23 April at the club house – 6:30 to 7pm.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Teams: What are the teams for the upcoming season?
  • Ball Money: Ball money is now due for all juniors (JDC comp excluded).
  • Fixtures: Know where you’re playing, Know who’s rostered in, and who’s rostered out
  • Eastern Region Website – www.ertinc.org.au
    • Fixtures
    • Washout notifications
    • Ladders
    • Results
  • What to do if you’re unable to play
    • Contact your Captain, that way they know what’s happening.
    • Most teams have an extra player, see if they can swap that week
    • Ring Ben, Luke or myself to see if we can find an alternative
  • Duty parents
    • What does it mean to be Duty Parent, you need to remain at the courts.
    • Contact phone numbers for all the team members
  • Timing
    • Make sure you’re at the courts at least 10 minutes early to practice
    • Games kick off at 8.30 Saturday and 9.00 Sunday.
    • Being late has greater impacts than just you.
  • Junior Convenor – what we’re there for
    • Support for all players
    • Conflict resolution

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