Membership Types


Membership remains the main source of income for the club.  It also forms the basis of our sense of community.  Long term access to the club can only be gained through membership.  The committee works very hard to ensure the fees for membership remain affordable and sustainable for the club.

Our membership types follow the Tennis Victoria Membership types and include:

Type Description Lengths
Adult A person 18 years or over  Annual / 6 monthly
Junior A person under the age of 18  Annual / 6 monthly
Family of 3 1 adult and 2 children or 2 adults and 1 child  Annual / 6 monthly
Family of > 3 1 or 2 adults and any number of children  Annual / 6 monthly
Non Playing A person wishing to be a member but who does not play tennis  Annual / 6 monthly
Life Member A long term member of the club that has been recognised for their service to the club with a life membership.  N/A