A Big Thank you!


On Saturday (with the blessing of the weather gods) we completed another successful working bee and club is looking great.  It was great to see some new faces, particularly some juniors helping out!

Without this volunteer assistance, our club wouldn’t look as fantastic as it does.

I would to thank all of those who attended including:

  • Ros Brereton
  • John Rolfe
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Connor Jackson
  • Mark Ogden
  • Martin Dwelly
  • Kay Cole
  • David Cole
  • Don Hamilton
  • Chris Hall
  • Nigel Hall
  • Peter O’Connor
  • Sue Moreland
  • Faris Mallouhi
  • Tim Allsop
  • Bob McMillan
  • Brett Hinkley
  • John Evans
  • Shaun Mitchell
  • Joshua Mitchell

I didn’t personally see them lurking about but apparently we had some special guests there too.  According to our attendance sheet, a certain “Julia, Tony and Kevin” were there too.  Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that 3-way conversation!

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